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I was fortunate to grow up in a musical household. My Mom sang opera and my Dad played piano and the violin. I was tinkling at the keys since a toddler and my Dad taught me enough music to help he and my Mom in their music business. My folks were selected to manage a piano store at a far off place where they were building a brand new mall. We packed up all our things and moved away from our extended family.

My Dad taught my grade school sister and I how to play the full-pedalboard organ and he would drag the largest one out into the mall hall and when my sister and I played, large crowds would form.

My Mom put me to work on the sheet music, scouring the local paper for that week's Top 20 record charts. I would give her a list (making sure not to purchase too many duplicates of what we had) and she would order them. When they came in I put them on the racks in popularity order. Mom taught me how to interact with the customers, make change, bag the item and thank them. I didn't know all the songs I had in the inventory and for those songs didn't know by sound I was captivated by their structure.
And that's when I started writing!

Hope you enjoy them!

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