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turtleheadEverything’s Gone Wrong

v1. Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong
All my friends tell me that I should have known
I didn’t see ’cause my trust was too deep
You made new plans and they didn’t include me

v2. You never know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone
Some people say ’cause they’ve done something wrong
I thought we had space and room to grow
I never thought you’d forget to come home

ch. No time to live, to love, to laugh
No time for one another
No way to keep what we’ve had from collapse
The pillars have pulled from each other
And everything that could go wrong has gone wrong

v3. One look in your eyes and I recognized
You as the soulmate I wanted for life
You could see us in our rocking chairs
Out at the end we’d still make a fine pair


v4. All around me are memories we’ve shared
Treasures we brought back from our adventures
Funny how these things don’t comfort at all
Your smiling face stabs out from the walls


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