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turtleheadGeneration Stardust - Lilli Decker, co-writer

v1. Where is this taking you?
So many generals in coats of black and blue
Your television lies
You all have rhinestones in your eyes
And where is this taking you?

v2. Why are you so afraid?
Only to follow stars with plans already laid
Your fault is blamed on youth
You always have a good excuse
And why are you so afraid?

ch. Generation Stardust, Generation Stardust, who will remember Generation Stardust, Generation Stardust, who will remember you?

br. You dress the part so well, but I really,
I really got to tell you it will all fade

v3. Who do you think you are
To catch the dust off coattails of a fading star
You hear the radio
You dress the part you never show
And who do you think you are?

v4. When will you ever learn?
You’ll open up your eyes and see you missed your turn
Fear has you gone astray
It’s time to wear your own name
And when will you ever learn?


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