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turtleheadI Love You

v1. I take it all for granted
The sun will rise again another day
I take it all for granted
Tomorrow will arrive again
I never stop to mention
I never think sometimes you need to know

ch. I love you

v2. I never stop to wonder
How life would be without you by my side
I don’t want to imagine
A day without your sweet sunshine
I take it all for granted
There’ll come again another chance to say


br. And if the sun is taken from the sky
And tomorrow never comes
No new day to share each other’s lives
I will have just one regret
I never near enough had said


v3. You say it doesn’t matter
That actions speak great volume over words
But when the sky is gray
And clouds are in my way
No actions sound as good as these words do

chorus (3x)

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