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turtlehead Let There Be Peace - Mike Mattel, co-writer

v1. There’s fighting in Ireland to keep the peace
There’s fighting in Somalia and the Middle East
There’s a war on drugs right here in the States
Will there be World War III if we keep making mistakes?

v2. Terrorist bombs go off everywhere
Killing the innocent without a care
Sometimes we have a real cause to fight
Although two wrongs don’t make it right

ch. Lord, oh Lord let there be peace
I’ve got too many promises to keep
Lord, oh Lord let there be peace
We all have too many promises to keep

v3. There’s fighting here and fighting there
Each and every day there are fights everywhere
We fight for rights, we fight for wrongs
We fight to prove that we’re really strong


v4. We fight for love, we fight for hate
We fight for truth and for heaven’s sake
We’ll fight for this, we’ll fight for that
We’ll fight for anything as a matter of fact


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