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turtleheadThe Best

v1. I try to do the right thing each
and every single day
I keep in mind what friends and family say
A book judged by its cover is as good as thrown away
You need to see what’s written on the page

v2. I will not judge another by the color of their face
Their religious ways ethnicity or race
I take my time and look inside to get a proper gauge
But I’ll admit I’m partial anyway

ch. The world wants me to be politically correct
The world expects of me no prejudice
But I’ve got a bias I can’t hide
I love you by far the best

v3. I take to heart that we are all created equally
I celebrate our rich diversity
The packages we come in simply lend variety
We seed the forest from one family tree


v4. I try to put myself inside another person’s shoes
I’ll walk the mile to get their point of view
I’ll put their best foot forward but I must admit to you
There’s only one heart I’ll let wear my shoes


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