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The Way It Is

v1. I know the way it could be babe
I can see it all with my own eyes
I know the way it should be babe
You don’t need to guide me through my life

br. I don’t mind you tellin’ me your point of view
I don’t mind you sayin’ what you would choose
’Cuz as for me your way won’t do

ch. I know the way it is (3x)

v2. I see the way things are now
I got sight to tell me black from white
And I got sense enough babe
You don’t need to teach me wrong from right

br. You think your way is all there is
Nothing else will do
You want the world to turn according to you
Who made you God I haven’t a clue


v3. I hear the things you say babe
You talk about the way things should be
You got the right to speak your mind babe
But your way is not the one for me

br. Why do you crucify another’s view
Why do you interfere, we’re not hurting you
We’re not wrong we just disagree with you


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