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turtlehead Wandering Days - Grace Darling, co-writer

v1. My wandering days are over,
My rambling days are through
And dear if you’ll still have me
I’m coming home to you
And though I learned so little
While ’round the world I roamed
I know that I still love you won’t you let me come home?

ch. Because here, here I found paradise
Here in your arms, in your heart and in your life
Here, I found Paradise
And darlin’ I see heaven when I look into your eyes

v2. So honey if you’ll let me
Back into Paradise
I swear I’ll skip the apples
I won’t try to get wise
And honey I won’t listen
To any snakes no more
I know just what I need to know
It’s you that I adore


v3. Why sure there’ll be temptation
It’s ugly but it’s true
But I’m sure of the salvation
That comes with lovin’ you
So honey hang that fig leaf
Back up there on the vine
And tell me you still love me
And tell me you’re still mine


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