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turtleheadWe Can Begin To Get Better
(The Shape of Things to Come)

v1. I know you were let down before
Left out in the heart of the storm
Forced to get on out and feel your way

v2. Now the tide is rushing in
It’s time to come ashore again and
Leave the war beneath the waves

ch. We can begin, we can begin
We can begin to get better, aaaah
We can begin, we can begin
We can begin together, aaaah
We can get answers in the shape of things to come
Your questions are my answers
You are my love

v3. If you’d just open up the door
I won’t do you any harm, no
You’ve just gotta come out and play

v4. You’ve got to try to begin
To get a bit of sun again and
Tan away the scars of pain


br. We’ll find a real good love
In the shape of things to come (3x)

v5. I know all that you’ve been through
Starting again ain’t easy to do, no
But this just ain’t any other day

v6. Now you’ve got me by your side
And I won’t take you for a ride, no
Our love will lead us on our way


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