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turtleheadWhen Love Comes To You

v1. When love comes to you, go out and meet it
And see what it’s all about
Bask in it’s greeting
Take the time to see what love really means

v2. With love in your sights you can do no wrong
Every path that you take is guided by love
You will see clearly, if you allow love to lead

ch. Let love inside and you’ll see why
Love lights the world
If you believe, you’ve gotta believe
Love lights the world

v3. With love inside we can do magic
Look out on a rainy day and see the sun shine
You gotta believe, in what love really means

v4. With love as your guide your purpose is clearer
Disease is the enemy, hunger the blight
War among humans does nothing to cure them


br. Will we learn, before we die
Love has maintained humanity through time
Will we learn, to survive,
We must keep love alive

v5. With love in your life your actions are noble
Wealth is not the answer, God is not gold
Fill your life with love
And you will be a truly rich soul


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